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In Good Company

About Prestige

Established in 2000, Prestige Maintenance Crew was started by Sergio Estrada with the intention of offering a truly reliable and consistent service to the homeowners and property managers of the GTA.

Since then we have performed thousands of services, helping hundreds of customers to maintain the cleanliness and image of their property. We are proud of the many satisfied customers we visit every day and we are committed to maintaining their property and a stellar reputation for years to come.

We have worked hard to develop a process that is both affordable and convenient for our clients and we are always looking to stay modern, whether that's with our equipment, our office procedures, or our website - which allows our existing and any potential customers to receive quotes quickly and easily.

We look forward to continuing to serve our awesome clients and to building lasting relationships with new ones as well. We always strive to give 100% in everything we do and we hope that that will always shine through to the quality of our work and the smiles on our faces. We hope to make you another loyal customer of Prestige Maintenance Crew!
What Makes A Good Company?

A Higher Standard

The quality of the workmanship you are paying for should be impeccable. Your window or gutter cleaner should value your standards as much as you do! With Prestige, it isn't about just finishing the task at hand, it's about leaving your property as pristine as possible. We take our work very seriously! As a valued customer you will not have to worry about clean but streaky windows. or windows that were skipped due to laziness of the cleaner not wanting to raise a blind or move a table. Also, your gutters will be cleaned as if you were going to walk them yourself. We will not leave leaves blown out from your eaves, ruining your yard work or killing the grass. We have great reviews for a reason. Our staff cares about quality work and aims to make customers for life.


Environmentally Friendly

Improve your View

We live in a world where our day to day activities come first, and our environment often comes second. This is especially true in the business world. At Prestige, we have taken the time to evaluate our internal and external procedures from top to bottom in search of ways that we can be more environmentally conscious. After all, we're a cleaning company first and foremost and we believe that includes keeping our environment clean as well. For example, we will never send you a paper flyer or paper invoice. And when it comes to our cleaning products we are always environmentally conscious as well.