Commercial Window Cleaning in Toronto & Vaughan, ON

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Boost Your Property's Curb Appeal

Experience why hundreds of companies choose Prestige Maintenance Crew for their commercial window cleaning
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"Prestige Maintenance Crew did a wonderful job on our windows. They were thorough and professional and we would definitely use their services again!"
Lina P., via
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Clean Windows Make A Positive Impression On Your Customers

Prestige Crew in Vaughan helps local businesses put their best foot forward by making their windows sparkle! Clean windows attract, and make a positive impression on your customers as they approach your place of business. While we work, we are always mindful and courteous towards your staff and your customers.

Window Cleaning will make your home look strikingly clean, and give it that luxurious feeling of being well maintained. If you are preparing for a party, expecting relatives and friends or you just want to go the extra mile to make your property more appealing, give us a call! As an elite window cleaning company right here in Vaughan, we take great pride in leaving you with brilliantly clean windows and a convenient first-class service experience.

"Sergio and Bianca always do a great job - and are the loveliest people to deal with."
Jane W., via
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Flexible & Custom Window Cleaning Programs To Meet Your Needs

If you're just moving into your new home, or placing your house up for sale, we can help. With this in mind, we're also highly trained and experienced in post construction window cleaning and we're perfectionists when it comes to cleaning your window tracks, skylights, and screens.

We'll even go beyond your window cleaning and clean your interior and exterior light fixtures as well. Our attention to detail, and interest in keeping up with all the advancements in the window cleaning industry, keeps us producing work of the highest standard. Get a fast and easy estimate.

Prestige Maintenance Crew is a member of the WCRA

We Are A Member of the Window Cleaning Resource Association

The WCRA helps the professional window cleaner build and sustain a healthy business while achieving the highest standards of workmanship.

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