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Commercial Window Cleaning

Any good business owner or property manager knows that their place of business needs a good schedule of maintenance to communicate the ideal image to their clients and customers. We help support this goal by offering our window cleaning services to GTA businesses large and small. We offer one-time cleaning as well as regular route work. Our clients include storefront shops, office buildings and government facilities. Please let us know if you are in need of regular window cleaning and even emergency cleaning services.

Are you a home owner?


We clean windows using specialty tools designed for glass that is hard to clean and hard to reach.


We have nearly 2 decades worth of experience cleaning glass in the GTA. We know what it takes to get it clean.


We work safely and efficiently. Our staff is competent and safety training is regular. We put safety first.

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Commercial Window Cleaning

Prestige Crew in helps local businesses put their best foot forward by making their windows sparkle! Clean windows attract, and make a positive impression on your customers as they approach your place of business. While we work, we are always mindful and courteous towards your staff and your customers.
We provide our window cleaning services to restaurants, banks, small businesses, retail centres, retirement homes, apartment complexes, hospitals, industrial businesses, airports and much more. Whether you're in Woodbridge, Maple, Thornhill, or Concord, you likely know a business getting their windows cleaned by our fine team at Prestige Crew.

"The best of Toronto, my windows are perfect, they are very kind and respectful. If you want a perfect job, they are the best."

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We do Windows.. Right.

Hiring a reliable company to clean your windows shouldn't take too much of your time. You have other things to do. Whether you need a bi-weekly cleaning or bi-annual, you can expect reliability, professionalism and punctuality from Prestige. Our crew is highly trained to deliver quality window cleaning and we stand by our reputation and mission to continue in this way. Once you give us a call, we'll immediately put your mind at ease. We'll take care of all the necessary details to complete your window cleaning and meet the exact needs of your business so you can go back to focusing your mind on other matters of business.

Tired of No-Shows?

We see it all too often, a business will have clean glass for a couple of months until their new window cleaner just disappears. Perhaps because they could afford to keep doing the work at such low prices or they went out of business. That's when we get a call. We are known for our reliability and our punctuality. We have been around for nearly 2 decades and we will show up. We price accurately and we guarantee our work.

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First Time Cleanings

Has it been a while since your windows at your property were cleaned? Thats ok. We can help. We often get called for cleaning window that have been neglected by the previous business or property manager. If your glass is hazy or full of mineral deposits it is still worth the effort to have them cleaned. Give us a call and we can discuss your options for getting your windows back to clear.