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"It was a pleasure working with Sergio. My house is very large and this was a challenging job. Sergio is very polite, professional, always on time, kept me informed and his work is impeccable. He thoroughly cleaned all eaves and downspouts. My property was left free of all debris and he showed me photos of what he had found. I feel very fortunate to have found Sergio, going forward, I will definitely be using this company and would highly recommend Prestige Maintenance Crew."
Jennifer P., via NiceJob
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Get Clean Eavestroughs

Prestige Crew knows the importance of clean eavestroughs when it comes to the maintenance of your home. Eavestroughs are the most important part of your home's water drainage system. They protect your home from such things as foundation damage, flooded basements, mold growth, rotten wood, even termite, mosquito and cockroach infestation.

Did you know that the ministry of health encourages regular cleaning of your eavestroughs in order to protect you and your loved ones from West Nile Virus because more than 60% of mosquitos in your neighbourhood come from clogged eavestroughs?

"Such a wonderful company! They are such lovely people and they do an excellent job every time. Definitely would recommend!"
Tasha T., via
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Enjoy Peace Of Mind

Cleaning your eavestroughs on a regular basis helps to keep your home safe, save you thousands in repair bills, and make your home look great too. Prestige Crews team in Vaughan, are professional and experienced in eavestrough cleaning. Their punctuality and attention to detail will not only impress you, but will leave you with peace of mind and confidence that your eavestroughs received the best possible cleaning.

Gutter guards don't always keep your eavestroughs clean

Gutter Guards. Do They Work?

Inventors have tried to devise solutions that let water in but keep leaves out. New
styles pop up regularly. And, man! Wouldn't it be awesome if they worked?

The downside of gutter protection.  

They are never maintenance free. Gutter guards still need cleaning. Gutter guard installation can be expensive. It can cost anywhere from hundreds to several thousand of dollars.

The final verdict.

Our official position is... some types of gutter protection MAY help keep your gutters cleaner. But your expectations have to be realistic and maintenance WILL ALWAYS still be necessary. Perfect gutter protection, one that is completely maintenance free, does not exist. In the end, regular gutter maintenance is often the best and most economical way to keep your gutters functioning. In fact, there is nothing more reliable than a real person cleaning your gutters, removing your roof debris and evaluating the conditions of your eavestrough system routinely. Ultimately, there's no way you can avoid cleaning your eavestroughs, regardless of whether you have gutter protection or not.

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