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Keeping Your Work Space Clean & Safe

Prestige Maintenance Crew is helping to bring peace of mind to workplaces in Toronto & Vaughan by keeping their properties clean
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"Such a wonderful company! They are such lovely people and they do an excellent job every time. Definitely would recommend!"
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Giving Your Workplace The Prestige It Deserves

A clean commercial space contributes to a healthy environment for your staff and customers. It is extremely important that people who enter your commercial building feel safe and comfortable.

At Prestige Maintenance Services, we provide professional janitorial services for business owners in and around Vaughan. Our team is trained and experienced to ensure that your property is thoroughly cleaned for staff and visitors to enjoy.

Our cleaning specialities include:

Commercial Cleaning Services

Office Cleaning

Retail Cleaning Services

Dealership Cleaning Services

Post-Construction Cleaning Services

Move in/Move out Cleaning Services

Bringing Peace Of Mind For You, Your Staff & Visitors

Now it's more important than ever to ensure that places of businesses are thoroughly cleaned and safe for all those who enter.

Prestige Maintenance Crew is proud to offer janitorial services in the Greater Toronto Area using a revolutionary tool with the ability to disinfect small and large areas while producing superior results when compared to traditional methods of disinfecting. We have partnered with Victory Innovations to offer you a proven and effective way to vastly curb the effects of workplace illnesses via electrostatic disinfection.

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How Does Electrostatic Disinfection Work?

The electrostatic sprayer atomizes the disinfecting chemical to produce an electrically charged spray able to wrap around all types of surfaces for an even coating. As the disinfecting chemical exits the electrostatic sprayer, it is given a positive charge that is attracted to available negative surfaces, especially those hard to reach areas that are overlooked in everyday cleaning. The sprayed chemical then attaches to unwanted negatively charged particles, which are then disinfected to kill any unwanted bacteria and viruses.

Whether you own or manage a commercial building, retail business, office building, restaurant, gymnasium, or just want to deep clean your home — you can be sure that by using an electrostatic sprayer for your disinfecting needs, you will be keeping up with the current higher standards of sanitation. With the increase in popularity of open-concept office areas, work-places have become the perfect breeding ground for illnesses. Without cubicles or walls separating employees, a single sick employee can quickly infect an entire office.

Prestige Maintenance Crew can offer a custom, tailored disinfecting program that best fits your needs. Keep your crew healthy and productive.

Victory sprayer

What Are The Benefits?

More areas cleaned

Instead of traditional sprays which just spray one side of the area, the electrostatic sprayer that Prestige Maintenance Crew uses adheres to the whole surface.

Adios viruses

99.99% of germs on any object are eliminated.

Environmentally friendly chemicals

The chemicals uses are non-toxic and safe for workers, children, and pets.

Helps stop the spread of viruses

Disinfects high touch points

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you service?

We service all over the greater Toronto area (GTA).

When is the best time to get disinfecting services done?

The best time is right now. We have programs for both preventative measures and confirmed COVID-19 case measures. Call Prestige Maintenance Crew today for your free quote and help stop the spread of viruses.

When does the work take place?

Spraying takes place when the building is not occupied, although immediately after spraying is complete, areas are ready for occupants. As the spray is electrostatically charged, none of it is left in the air. The surfaces sprayed are left slightly damp, to allow proper dwell time, usually 2-4 minutes, then evaporating, leaving no residue. The electrostatic sprayer that the Prestige Maintenance Crew uses also eliminates the pooling effect caused by overspraying.

Prestige Maintenance Crew can offer custom tailored disinfecting program to each facility to provide essential sanitizing services that will effectively disinfect all high touch areas, the most common places for germs and bacteria transmission. Along with an effective cleaning program, especially during flu season, this disinfection program has the ability to reduce the spread of virus and bacteria within an office or facility.

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